Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dejunk your make-up bag!

With spring well upon us, it is a great time to freshen up your look and give your make-up bag a good old spring clean. As well as cluttering up your bag and just not working as well, old make-up can harbour lots of bacteria. Most cosmetics now come with a 'best before' date, Debenhams did a survey asking women about their cosmetic bags and found that "it was out of date by an average of four years". Have a good look through and be ruthless (I know it can be hard - try going through a suitcase of make-up!) There is nothing like having a good clear out, it makes you feel good and you might discover some make-up gems you forgot you had! Follow this link to an article from The Telegraph for product life guidelines.

While you're at it why not go through your skincare as well, it is easy to get stuck in a routine but your skin's needs can change with the seasons as well as other factors.

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