Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Black Hair Magazine - Beauty SOS

I was delighted to be asked to answer some beauty dilemmas from some of the readers of Black Hair Magazine, one being on ways to tackle blackheads.

I think a good cleansing routine is essential in the fight against these little blighters. If you wear make-up and live in a city then cleanse twice, the first to remove make-up and daily grime, then the second to get deeper into those pores getting rid of any excess oil which can cause the blackheads. Try using a hot muslin cloth in your routine, after massaging the cleanser into your skin, soak the cloth in hot water (not too hot, you want it to be comfortable on the skin) and hold to the face. The heat will open the pores allowing your cleanser to really get to work, remove the cleanser with the cloth and then splash with cold water. The muslin cloth is also a gentle exfoliant which will help shift any dead skin which can contribute to blocked pores.

Exfoliating is a must when dealing with blackheads, using a muslin cloth daily will help but try something a bit stronger once or twice a week. Also invest in a good purifying mask to help decongest skin, I really like the one from Elizabeth's Daughter, this great mask only takes three minutes to work it's magic!

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