Saturday, 21 November 2009

Winter Skin Savers

As the temperature starts to drop outside and the heating comes on inside, it can play havoc with our skin. Complexions start to lose their glow, lips are prone to chapping and hands can become dry and cracked. We don't have to suffer with winter skin though, a few changes in our skincare can make a difference and help keep us radiant throughout the colder months.

Try using a creamier cleanser to soothe and nourish your skin from the start of your routine, something like Ren's No 1 purity cleansing balm, which will remove the day's grime without stripping essential moisture.

If you're still using a lightweight moisturiser from the summer then try switching it to the richer version or boost the one you've got by adding a hydrating serum. Facial oils are fantastic as well, they can penetrate further into the skin taking nutrients with them. If you don't like the feel of an oil on your face, then mix a couple of drops in with your moisturiser to still get the benefit, Trilogy's rosehip oil is a great one to try.

A moisturising mask once or twice a week can really help too, Liz Earle's intensive nourishing treatment mask is a real treat for winter skin, don't forget to exfoliate first so that the mask can really get to work.

For those lips try Balm Balm, this great little balm is brilliant for keeping them lovely and soft and is also great for anywhere else that might need a little attention, try it on windswept cheeks.

Handcream is a must in the winter as your hands are exposed to the elements and constant washing, keep one in your bag and one by the kitchen sink, ready for whenever you need it. I love the super moisturising cream by Balance Me.

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